Since 2018, I approached photography in a professional way. Part of that is sharing my experiences, travels, tips and knowledge, so you can take advantage of that.

Being an industrial engineer, I love structuring photography, getting the most out of my gear and improving myself. These articles are about my experience in the field of photography, about travelling, planning, and the photography business.  Feel free to leave me a comment or feedback on my writing and blog.

Travel Photography

Morocco: Marrakesh, Merzouga, Fez

Under construction. Please stay tuned.

Its Culture

South Africa

Under construction. Please stay tuned.

Its Culture


My Gear

Fairly frequently, I get asked what equipment I use. So here's a definitive list that will help you and I both, for reference and to save time.

Lightning in Slow-motion

In this blog and video I will explain How to Capture Lightning in Slow-motion. This feature of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is applicable for any fast-moving action, like fire, water, bouncing balls, exploding balloons, falling objects, rain, hail, etc...

Fuji X-T20

Under construction. Please stay tuned.

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Although I'm always learning new things, I can share what I have learned over the years. For that reason, I offer private photography sessions, about the creative, technical or post-processing part.

Free: Downloads

I love sharing my photos with the world to see. I'm offering a colorful and free wallpaper pack for your smartphone, in portrait 9:16 ratio. You can download this pack, my media kit, and more...

Inspirational: NatGeo YourShot

UPDATE: NatGeo YourShot has shut down unfortunately. Its new owner Disney made this saddening decision. 

You can check out my profile at National Geographic YourShot. This in the photo platform of National Geographic. Everybody can join this beautiful community, join the assignments, get feedback by the NatGeo staff, and even get published on their website or instagram.

You can find some really inspiring images and photographer here. Some of them I highlighted in my seperate blog.