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How to Capture Lightning in Super Slow-Motion

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On the Galaxy S10, you can capture lightning. With these 3 steps you can record the things that you can't see with your eye. This includes automatic triggering the record button, lightning fast:

⓵ Go to Super Slow-Motion Mode.

This Mode will capture an incredible 960 fps.

⓶ Set a Longer Capture, enable the Trigger,  Longer Capture + Adjust the Trigger Area.

Manually capturing is almost impossible, so let your Galaxy do the work for you.

⓷ Hit Record + Try Again, be Patient.

Not all strikes will trigger the recording. Try recording it several times.

Be careful with lightning! Lightning is one of the most dangerous natural phenomena. Please don't bring yourself in danger when shooting.

3 Tips for using the Ultra Wide Angle on the Galaxy S10 

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⓵ Look up, or down. You will create new unique perspectives in no time. The view is much broader than our eyes can see, so your smartphone might bring a whole new perspective.

⓶ Use or find lines. In photography you can use so-called 'leading lines', to bring your eyes into the photograph. It can also create more sense of depth or 'flow' in the photo. The idea behind this is to lead you eye into the frame.

Use foreground elements, again to create more depth to your photo. This can either be a colorful plant, a doorpost to use as a frame, the cubbled stoned ground, or a shore with natural textures. You can either use this for framing, or as the main attraction to your photo scene.

➜ You can watch the small video with photos from the Galaxy S10, by looking up with the wide angle lens.

Spring Forest in Doorn, The Netherlands

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