Custom help with your photography, from ideas and settings to post-processing

Photography Workshop:

📷 €165 (3-4 hours + ~2 hours of customizing from my side)

Private photography workshop held from my office in Leusden, but I would prefer to meet 'in the field' like in the city of Amersfoort, Utrecht, Amsterdam or Eindhoven. On your demand, the focus can be to improve your photography; from shooting products or indoor events, to outdoor land- and cityschape photography.

Because I'll adapt the workshop to your goals I will ask you by e-mail or phone where you are in your learning curve, and what you would like to learn and develop. Also, structure can be given to your photography, to learn and explore on your own... to develop your own style.

  • Photography basics; i.e. iso, aperture, shutter speed, composition, etc.
  • Photograph properties/qualities; like composition, balance, lighting, colors, framing, symmetry, leading lines, DoF.
  • Manual camera operation; explaining when and how to use the manual modes, P, A, S/Tv, M or Auto Mode.
  • Additional gear use; Tripods, Long exposures, ND filter use
  • Editing; Lightroom (or Photoshop) editing basic overview. On a smartphone we can use Snapseed.
  • Learning on your own; How to learn on your own and teach yourself, using my learning model™ 💡
  • Social Media: tips for posting on social media, the use of hashtags, description, exporting, uploading.
  • Answering of any questions that you might have about photography in general.
Translated from Dutch:


Monika van Miltenburg -, ig: monika_van_m

"Last March [2019] I had the opportunity to book my first private workshop by Maarten.

After finding the necessary information on his website, we had contact via e-mail about what I wanted to learn, and what my objective is for my photography. It was a nice bonus that I could even choose a workshop location of my liking.

On the day of the workshop, I have learned a lot, and the fact that it was private helped a lot in focussing on my improvement and style. The improvement was seen in photos very quickly. His model for learning on my own helped me too in guidance and learning on my own.

Maarten is a great photographer. He teaches in a inspirational and energetic way, helping both my creative and technical side.

I'm far from being done with learning, so I will surely take more workshops by Maarten"

My model can be used to structure your photography, learn on your own, and develop your skills and creativity
Night Photography (unedited, sooc jpg)

If you are more interested in editing your photos, I'm offering a course and workshop for Photoshop and Lightroom as well: