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I’m a photographer based in The Netherlands. I find my passion for photography in various fields, be it in event, portrait, travel and marketing photography for businesses here in my home country and abroad.

I'm also a passionate teacher of photography, providing photo tours and one-to-one workshops. My photography and videography has been featured by National Geographic YourShot, Samsung, Fujifilm Global, SonyNederland, amoung others.

Next being a passionate Fujifilm photographer, I love using the camera quality of Samsung smartphones to my advantage. I am a brand ambassador for Samsung in the Netherlands.

Feel free to browse my commercial work and free work in the genres like architecture, street, portrait and wildlife.

Although I'm always learning new things, I can share what I have learned over the years. For that reason, I offer private photography sessions based on your demand and your imagination.

I love wandering around the world and explore places, people, nature and everything that exists on this amazing planet

The images above are special photos to me. They are either my personal favorite, published, award-winning or highly appreciated online.