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Maarten van Apeldoorn is a professional photographer and videographer based in The Hague, who primarily creates work for construction companies, architectural firms, municipalities, and travel agencies. His work has been published by National Geographic YourShot, Samsung Netherlands, Fujifilm Global, and other media outlets. On this website, you can view both his corporate and travel photography. In addition, Maarten offers image banks, including specially curated collections for municipalities and other organizations seeking unique and high-quality content.

Maarten is passionate about sharing his knowledge and love for photography, including smartphone and drone photography. He does this through custom workshops, including group workshops for companies where he provides advice on photography for social media and shares photos and tips on Instagram.

He is a professional user of Fujifilm and Sony cameras but has also been taking photos with a Samsung phone for years. Since 2019, he has been an ambassador for Samsung Netherlands. If you'd like to learn more about the possibilities, you can contact Maarten's photo studio via email or phone.

Feel free to browse my commercial work and free work in the genres like architecture, street, portrait and wildlife.

Although I'm always learning new things, I can share what I have learned over the years. For that reason, I offer private photography sessions based on your demand and your imagination.

I love wandering around the world and explore places, people, nature and everything that exists on this amazing planet

The images above are special photos to me. They are either my personal favorite, published, award-winning or highly appreciated online.