Artist Statement:

I am a Fuji and Samsung photographer based out of Leusden, The Netherlands. I love discovering new places, meeting people and experiencing other cultures. During my travels, I discovered there is beauty everywhere, even closeby home or my office.

My goal in photography is to keep my images as simple as possible, with a clear subject and not too many distractions. I love to play with light in both my commercial and free work. I am someone who likes the sunset, evenings and early morning, so it is natural that my work includes warmer and darker tones. I have always been drawn to darker images, yet paradoxically I am always seeking that one ray of light to do its job and play off my subject, highlighting and obscuring features, creating a clean and simple image of interest.

I consider myself an intuitive photographer. Moreover, as for my professional assignments and trips, I plan ahead to achieve a certain goal, to catch that right light at the scene. From my nature and my background as an engineer, planning and looking ahead feels like second nature.

Maarten van Apeldoorn - May 2019

^The good half of my face


  • National Geographic, 'Best Photos of October', Nov 15th 2018, (online, selected from over 6K submissions)

  • Official Ambassador for SamsungNederland (using a Galaxy S10+)

  • Winner Photo Contest, Regional News Paper, Leusden, September 2018 (paper + online)

  • Featured by Fujifilm Global, July 31st, 2019

  • Second Price Winner, 'Winter Landscapes',, Nov. 2017 (online)

  • Featured by the Official Tourist Board of Morocco @inmorocco, Apr 29th,

  • Featured by CaseLogic, Aug 31st, Sep 5th, Oct 17th, 2019

  • Featured by the Official Instagram Eindhoven City account: Sep 21st, Oct 31st, 2018, Jan 16th 2019

  • Featured by the Instagram TivoliVredenburg account, Insta of the week: Oct 14th, 2018

  • Featured by the Official Instagram City Vienna account: Nov 1st, 2018

  • Featured by SamsungNederland: Mar 1st, May 30th, July 31st, 2019

  • Chosen as the cover photo for Explore Aviation at Flickr, January 2019 (image online)


  • [Upcoming 24-26th of April 2020] Photo Exhibition in Paris (link)

  • Avular in Eindhoven, MATLAB Automatic Code Generation, November 2019 (link)

  • Kunsthal KAdE in Amersfoort. Frontpage Exhibition One-Way Ticket to Mars, October 2019 (online)

  • Photo Exhibition at the Old Town Market Square in Warsaw, Poland, September 2019

  • Photo Publication Vilderskerkhof, Leusden Frontpage May 2019 (online)

  • Cosmopolitan Italy, Nov 2018 (online)

  • Metropole Region Eindhoven. Front page Publication on the Collective Collaboration (hard-copy + online)

  • University Di Parma, Student Information Utrecht (online)

  • Blockchain Conference, Innovation, 2018 (online)

  • Terry Fox Art Foundation, 2017 (hard-copy + online)

  • Nature Calendar of Leusden 2019, published Nov 2018 (530 x hard-copy + online). Profit for a good cause: Stichting PLN

  • ... ask me for a full list here