City Marketing

Welcome to my site for City Marketing.

From 2018 on, I am offering tourist offices around the globe my photographs and service to promote their city. With my passion for light, I try to capture the city at its best: during sunrise, sunset or at night.

One unique and popular feature I provide is access to my database of images for your city. With a monthly subscription you can cover printed and social media in one way, with no extra paperwork and copyright issues.

My work is featured and published my different different cities around the world, from Eindhoven and Vienna to Berlin and Marrakech. Also, some photographs received honorable mentions by Nat Geo editors.

Recognition and Publications (instagram, other media):

  • September 2018: Vienna + Eindhoven + Winner contest Leusden City (Hot Air Balloon)

  • October 2018: Eindhoven (Front page, Concert Metropole Region Eindhoven), Leusden (via National Geographic)

  • November 2018: Utrecht, Amersfoort, Eindhoven (Sep 21st, Oct 31st, 2018, Jan 16th 2019)

  • December 2018 'Visit South Africa' + Eindhoven/Cosmopolitan Italy, Nov 2018 (online)

  • January 2019: Marrakesh + Fez (Morocco)

  • March 2019: Cuba via SamsungNederland (here)

  • April 2019: Morocco, Marrakesh Airport (Official Tourist Board @inmorocco, Apr 29th),

  • May 2019: Gemeente Leusden/Stoutenburg (Vilderskerkhof, published Leusderkrant, Instagram)

  • June 2019:

A small list of featured or published work: